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Duck Pentagram Shirt

I can't take credit for the tye-dye job. Someone left this tye-dye shirt to dry after being dried in my dormitory's washroom for a few days, I decided to steal it because I'm a bad person. Using freezer paper to make a one-off screenprinting stencil, I hand cut out a duck image from Wikipedia. Using painters tape and math to calculate the angles, I created a pentagram to be put behind the duck. The juxtaposition of tye-dye, a duck, and a pentagram is what make this shirt for me. There is no thread tying together all of these elements, other than the shirt itself. The shirt overall has served as an inspiration for me, as I have recieved many compliments on it, inquiries as to where to purchase it, and offers to buy it. Overall, one of my most well recieved pieces.